2018-07-13 FUNN fuel cards are servised din Poland

Dear Customers!

Please be informed that FUNN cards are already served by AMIC POLSKA branded fuel stations in Poland. The map of AMIC POLSKA fuel stations can be found online at https://www.funn.lt/en/degaliniu-zemelapis/.

If you use FUNN cards for the purchase of goods in the Republic of Poland, the price of the Purchased Goods is fixed in euros according to the accounting ratio of the euro and Polish zloty set by the Bank of Lithuania on the day of invoicing. The difference in exchange rates, which consists of the sale price of the euro published by the Bank of Lithuania and the sale price of Polish zloty in non-cash AB SEB bank will be included to the invoice.

Using the Card in AMIC POLSKA fuel stations in Poland are deemed to have your consent and non-opposition to the above conditions (approval of the terms of the contract is actual execution of the contract).

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