Strongest EN 2020UAB „Fleet union“ activities – provide solutions and services of fuel payment cards and other payment methods in Lithuania and abroad.

UAB “Fleet union” main objective – quality and continuity, this is why we are interested in long-term cooperation with our clients, which is based on mutual partnership.

UAB “Fleet union” values – attention and respect to all clients and partners, permanent perfection, technology development, proper representation of our filling stations network and loyalty. We raise high requirements to our quality of work, render qualified services at present and pursue to do the same in future, we are sharing our technical experience and knowledge about innovations, and help our clients to fuel and manage their accounting, by paying FUNN fuel card.

High quality of rendered services will be ensured by UAB “Fleet union” employees – experts in their field, who have more than 15 years experience of working in other companies, cooperating with Lithuanian and foreign customers. Fleet union staff – team of professionals, who fully understand their customers’ needs and are able to offer them most appropriate and acceptable solutions.

SL Vadovai ENBy becoming our client and using FUNN payment card You will be able to settle all traffic payments in Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Russia and use a number of advantages:

  • the largest chain of filling stations in Lithuania –  245 filling stations (Viada, Baltic Petroleum, Milda);
  • wide network of filling stations in Poland – 115 filling stations (Amic Polska brand);
  • wide network of filling stations in Estonia – 202 filling stations (Olerex and Alexela brands);
  • wide network of filling stations in Latvia – 75 filling stations (Viada brand);

By using FUNN payment card we can offer You selection of solutions, integrated for Your business in the Baltic States, aimed at improving Your company’s business without using cash. This year Fuel card will be serviced in three Baltic countries, next year UAB “Fleet union” is planning to expand services in other European countries and improve service accessibility to its clients.

Become our client by using our experience and You will ensure best possibilities for Your business to settle accounts without cash in wide card service network.

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