If You wish to use FUNN credit payment cards please fill in and present:

  • financial statements, duely confirmed according to Law of Lithuanian Republic which are prepared for last fiscal year and current year;
  • other documents specified by Company, signed by manager or chief accountant, necessary for evaluation of clients’ economic-financial activity and connected with execution of client liabilities

We will connect You within 7 days period to sign the agreement.

Information about commodity loan

Commodity loan limit — the biggest allowable sum of debt to UAB „Fleet Union“ and arrears, which can occur in future after selling fuel, goods and/or rendered services.

Commodity loan limit is determined by UAB „Fleet Union“ to each client separately after evaluating individual risk and reliability. We evaluate financial position (liquidity, balance structure, business efficiency, profitability, debt turnover), activity, competitiveness and solvency.

If client is indebted to UAB „Fleet Union“ and/or third parties and/or if UAB „Fleet Union“ has information about facts, which can affect client’s solvency, commodity loan limit can be reduced or cancelled. UAB „Fleet Union“ can also require supplementary guarantees (bank or insurance security, confirmed L/C, collateral acceptance of third parties,   advance payment), which can ensure appropriate execution of client’s liabilities.



If You wish to use debit payment card please fill in our order form. We will produce cards in 5 days period and invite You for signing ant picking the cards.

If You choose advance payment You can enjoy the following advantages:

  • debit cards users are offered very advantageous conditions for fuel purchase;
  • it is not necessary to pay for whole month in advance, it is enough to supplement card account according to Your needs.


Ši svetainė naudoja slapukus, kad galėtumėme Jums suteikti aukščiausio lygio paslaugas, pritaikytas individualiems poreikiams