From now on, You can order FUNN cards online in our self-service website. To connect to a self-service website, please click here.

As soon as You log in to the website, card (-s) is (-are) ordered in the following sequence of steps:

1. In “information panel„ choose “Order/activation of cards“,  then – “Order of cards“;

2. Fill in the mandatory fields (“Goods eligible for purchase“, “Maintained territory“, “Serve “);

2.1. Click “Add “, if you wish to order more cards and then fill in the mandatory fields;

3. Select the “Delivery Type” of the cards (if plastic card(s) are ordered):

3.1. Free pickup of cards at our offices;

3.2. Sending cards to your address – shipping cost EUR 6.50 (without VAT);

3.3. Sending cards to the post machine of your choice – sending price EUR 5.00 (without VAT).

4. Click “Order“.

After receiving the order, we shall start to execute it – the execution term is up to 5 working days. You will be informed about the accomplished order either by email or telephone.


Thank you for being loyal clients!

Ši svetainė naudoja slapukus, kad galėtumėme Jums suteikti aukščiausio lygio paslaugas, pritaikytas individualiems poreikiams