2019-02-04 You can pay road toll in Lithuania using SMS payment method.

From now one you can pay road toll (electronic road vignete) in Lithuania without leaving your car and from any place in a world. You just only need to have your mobile phone or tablet PC and send SMS message. It will took a few seconds and toll will be payd.

Electronical road vignete is electronical record on Lithuanian road traffic information system confirming fact about toll payment. On this record considered information about when the vignette was purchased, how long it lasted, category and state number of vehicle for which the electronic vignette is issued.If You need more information, please, contact us by following telephone numbers or by email.  FUNN fuel card includes more than 2500 fillin stations in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Russia. You can  find a map of fuels stations here: https://www.funn.lt/lt/degaliniu-zemelapis/.


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