2021-03-25 Road taxes pay in Europe

We are expanding the availability of services provided to you and offer a convenient solution for paying road taxes in Europe.

We offer an electronic device (OBU) for trucks, which allows you to pay road taxes with the help of radio wave technology. With this device, you can pay road taxes in as many as nine different countries:

– France

– Spain

– Portugal

– Germany

– Italy

– Austria

– Sweden (bridge)

– Belgium

– Denmark (tunnel)

and at the end of this year in Poland and Hungary.

For your convenience, the OBU has audible and LED warning signals to let you know if you have been able to pay for the roads and if the device is working.

The OBU will be delivered within five business days of placing the order, and upon receipt of the device you will usually prepare it for use. After ordering the device, you will be given access to a secure self-service website where you can monitor your transactions in real time.

You can also be granted access to the AFM at your request. It is a navigation fleet management system that allows you to quickly and conveniently find a toll booth or other required object, as well as see real-time traffic information. AFM will help you put together the best route for a truck, you will see the full travel history of the vehicle. ATTENTION! You will use the navigation system for free for the first three months.

We offer competitive, fee-based commission prices, comprehensive and prompt assistance.

If this service is relevant to you or you want to receive more information about paying road taxes in Europe, write to us at info@funn.lt or call +370 5 2514324.

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